21st Century Equipment Customer Spotlight: Two Bar Ranch

21st Century Equipment Customer Spotlight: Two Bar Ranch

Two Bar Ranch is a cow/calf operation located in Sioux County, Nebraska. Their team has been 21st Century Equipment customers for over 25 years. In addition to ranch and farming tasks, like growing their own cattle feed, the operation includes a grow yard and a small investment in a packing house for cattle harvest.

That means this crew has a lot of work to get done each day. They use various John Deere equipment to do just that.

In addition to high quality John Deere products, like tractors and combines, Two Bar Ranch takes advantage of many of the support services offered by 21st Century Equipment.

Bulk Fluids Program 

21st Century Equipment’s Bulk Fluids Program is vital to the success of Two Bar Ranch. Since they’re located at least an hour away from the nearest John Deere dealership, the Two Bar Ranch team has to do everything they can to keep things stocked to mitigate emergencies that could lead to downtime. This includes having things like John Deere oils and DEF on hand as needed. The delivery aspect of this program is a huge asset for the team at Two Bar Ranch.

Priority Service Program 

When you work your equipment as hard as our customers do, maintenance needs are to be expected from time to time. Another key to avoiding downtime is prompt service when you need it most. This is something we’re proud to offer each and every one of our customers. Some customers, like Two Bar Ranch, even choose to take advantage of our Priority Service Program, which includes a dealer-performed technical inspection to test performance and prioritize any issues that need repair.

John Deere Precision Ag 

The folks at Two Bar Ranch are big believers in John Deere Precision Ag technology. Data collected throughout the year thanks to Precision Ag resources allows them to make more informed decisions when planning for the next season. Their team has been Precision Ag customers for 15 of their 25+ years with 21st Century Equipment.

Pre-season Maintenance 

Last but not least, the Two Bar Ranch team has seen the value of performing routine pre-season maintenance on their John Deere equipment again and again. They partner with the 21st Century Equipment service department to ensure that their machinery stays in excellent condition.

We’re proud to partner with operations like Two Bar Ranch. To learn more about how we can help you find success in the areas of equipment, parts or service, contact the 21st Century Equipment John Deere dealer nearest you.

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