21st Century Equipment Introduces Green Hands Safety Rewards Program: Recognizing Commitment to Workplace Safety

Green hands safety award

In an effort to nominate, recognize and award team members for identifying and correcting work-place hazardous, 21st Century Equipment has developed the Green Hands Safety Rewards Program. 21st Century Equipment is proud to announce the first two recipients of the award: Paige Knowles and Danile Fusco.

Paige Knowles serves as the Service Advisor and is a key member of the Safety Committee at our Sterling, Colorado dealership. Paige’s efforts have significantly contributed to fostering and nurturing a culture of safety at our Sterling location.

Paige created a comprehensive Safety poster highlighting eight critical safety topics she deemed essential for her team’s attention. Paige also initiated a hands-on approach by encouraging her team to identify potential hazards within the dealership premises and propose viable solutions. Her mantra, “Safety is not a destination, it’s a never-ending journey,” epitomizes her commitment to safety. The EHS team has embraced Paige’s poster concept and distributed copies to all our locations, ensuring visibility in showrooms, parts areas, and service departments.

Danile Fusco, our Location Admin and member of the Safety Committee at the Cheyenne Wells location, is dedicated to safety across our S3 territory. Not only does Danile passionately advocate for all facets of safety, but she also serves as the primary liaison for our company’s DOT compliance program service provider, Transportation Compliance Services (TCS).

During the merger, Danile played a pivotal role in facilitating the training of numerous location admins in the western region, ensuring a seamless transition of responsibilities. Danile’s unwavering guidance has been a cornerstone of support for numerous members of the 21st Century Equipment family. Her proactive approach is exemplified by her daily involvement in enhancing our company’s Safety Culture—volunteering for training sessions, procuring safety equipment, identifying concerns, and proposing effective solutions.

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