21st Century Equipment Takes Scottsbluff High School Diesel Tech Students To Tour John Deere In Waterloo, Ia

21st Century Equipment Takes Scottsbluff High School Diesel Tech Students To Tour John Deere In Waterloo, Ia

21st Century Equipment (21CE), a partner with the Scottsbluff High School Diesel Tech (DT) program, motivated students to complete the semester long program by rewarding them with a trip to Waterloo, Iowa, where they toured the John Deere Engine Works and John Deere Tractor Cab & Assembly Operations. Five of the seven students enrolled in the 3rd year career pathways DT program made the trip. Owen Palm, 21st Century Equipment CEO wanted to provide this enriching experience for students to be exposed to technology and career opportunities that John Deere has to offer.

The students concluded the semester long class with 21CE leading Unit 4, which focused on precision ag and auto trac systems. Darrell Nickal, 21CE Enterprise Training Manager, focused instruction on deleveloping the understanding of “Why precision ag?” As the world’s population grows, the demand for food production increases, while available farming acres are being reduced. Nickal states, “We have to find ways to produce more food, fiber, and fuel with the same farmland.” Auto Trac technology provides farmers the ability to be in the field with adverse conditions, run longer hours, operate larger equipment, and to be consistent with the precise measurements of their crops. Precision ag is a crucial componet to produce more food with less ground by improving efficiencies to increase commodoties production.

Derek Deaver, SHS internship coordinator mentions, “What an incredible learning experience for the SHS Diesel Tech students. The trip provided the students with amazing knowledge and insight of John Deere and this important industry. This opportunity and the contributions provided by 21st Century and Owen Palm allowed these students’ an outstanding educational experience and created awareness of the career opportunities with John Deere and this vital industry.”

Division Business Manager of John Deere, Dan Paschke, commments “John Deere is so proud and excited that 21st Century Equipment is engaging with young people to show them how much technology is used in agriculture. Technology is the backbone whether it is designing, manufacturing or using technology in the field to grow more crops with less inputs. 21st Century Equipment’s effort here and with other initiatives are going to position them well to show young people what a great career they could have with a great organization.”

Junior of SHS Josh Jimenez shares, “I thought the trip was very interesting and educational. Both factories were amazing and allowed for better understanding about the significance of the 21CE/JD and the agriculture industry as a whole.” Tours are led by retired John Deere employees, whom of which are full of knowledge on all the engine parts and components, integrate the history of John Deere, and highlight the importance of technology being untilized in the facilities and installed in the tractors. The students unanamiously agreed the trip was fun and really cool seeing how everything is assembled and completed!

21st Century offers a complimentary program for students who are interested in pursuing an ag career after completing high school. The John Deere Ag Tech program is a unique alliance between John Deere, John Deere dealers and various 2-year colleges across the nation. Students will graduate from the program with an associate of applied science degree while also completing a cooperative work experience at a John Deere dealership.

For more information about the John Deere Ag Tech program, contact Recruiting@21stCenturyEquip.com, or visit 21stCenturyEquipment.com/Careers.

Picture: Featured left to right, Ernie Ewing of 21CE, Derek Deaver of SHS, Cheyanne Marcy of 21CE, and SHS students Rachel Anderson, Edgar Torres, Erick Flota Mendoza, Milo Coop, and Joshua Jimenez.

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