5 Ways To Set Up For Success In Operations Center with John Deere’s Brian Krohn – The FarmCast Ep 10

5 Ways To Set Up For Success In Operations Center with John Deere's Brian Krohn - The FarmCast Ep 10

Welcome to another edition of the FarmCast, broadcasting from the Legacy of the Plains Museum in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. In this episode Mike Wemhoff from 21st Century Equipment interviews Brian Krohn, a product validation lead from @JohnDeere ISG. They discuss the setup space and work planner for John Deere Technology and Precision AG. Brian emphasizes the importance of connected machines to the John Deere Operations Center, making it easy with their new modems to monitor from anywhere. They delve into setting up teams, equipment, products, boundaries, and the benefits of auto-path as well as how to give John Deere your feedback.

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