‘A Mission to Grow’ – 21st Century Equipment names Mike Wemhoff as Vice President of Precision Ag

‘A Mission to Grow’ – 21st Century Equipment names Mike Wemhoff as Vice President of Precision Ag

21st Century Equipment welcomed Mike Wemhoff to the team as the Vice President of Precision Ag Technology on Monday, June 26. Wemhoff brings a wealth of experience in the software development industry, including 14 years of work with John Deere. His new venture with the company is marked by a mission to foster growth among his team and for the farmers 21st Century Equipment serves.  

Wemhoff’s journey began with a deep-rooted connection to agriculture and an inherent knack for technology. He found his calling at the intersection of these two fields.  

“I have a passion for agriculture and a passion for technology. That is one of the many reasons why I took this role, because it combines those things together,” Wemhoff said. “My dad grew up on a farm and always had John Deere equipment. Deere was embedded into my blood early on in my life.”  

His professional journey took off during college at Northwest Missouri State University, where he earned a degree in Computer Science. He interned at John Deere, working on developing software for managing paperwork involved in equipment transfers across the Canadian and US border during the summers of his junior and senior years.  

Following graduation, Wemhoff received an offer from Cerner Corporation, a leading healthcare company based in Kansas City. Here, he honed his software development skills, specializing in what are known as order sentences in the medical field. After three successful years, he embarked on a new adventure with John Deere Credit in Des Moines, Iowa. In this role, he became the primary developer for the rating side of the crop insurance division, crafting code that facilitated premium calculations. 

Wemhoff’s expertise caught the attention of Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG) at John Deere, where he managed the Systems Integration and Test Team. In this role, he made significant contributions to the development of cutting-edge technology, including the operations center, mobile app adoption and integration of soil maps. With each leadership opportunity, Wemhoff fostered teamwork and drove business growth, ensuring the software delivered real value to growers. 

Notably, his accomplishments include adding a software component for internal automated testing before technology was delivered to the customer. This enabled more efficient and reliable software validation, ensuring the technology provided tangible value to end-users. 

The opportunity to lead the wholesale software development team at John Deere Financial further demonstrated Wemhoff’s ability to grow teams and drive results. However, his journey did not stop there. Drawn by new challenges, Wemhoff assumed the role of Director of Product Development at Telligen, a health management company focused on improving healthcare outcomes for Medicaid and Medicare programs. 

Now, as the Vice President of Precision Ag Technology, Wemhoff is poised to bring his extensive expertise and passion to this exciting role. When asked about his motivation, Wemhoff emphasizes the importance of providing value to society.  

“One thing I always want to do with any work that I’m involved in is know that I’m providing value to the world. I’ve been lucky enough in my career to work in the healthcare industry and in the agriculture industry, which are both either helping people stay healthy, or helping feed the world,” Wemhoff said.  

Wemhoff’s key responsibilities in his new role include promoting the value of precision ag technology and driving adoption among growers. He aims to showcase success stories that demonstrate how these advancements can revolutionize the agricultural landscape. By sharing his expertise and empowering his team, Wemhoff strives to see both professional growth among his colleagues and increased prosperity for farmers. 

“Ultimately, success to me is seeing people grow and seeing our growers’ businesses grow. I want to see professional development among my team, and I want them to know that the work they’re doing is valuable,” Wemhoff said.  

Wemhoff and his family will relocate from Des Moines, Iowa to Scottsbluff, Nebraska in late July. He has been married to his wife, Anne, for 18 years, they have three children—Gavin, Hannah and Leighton. As a sports-oriented family, they actively participate in baseball, soccer and dance. Wemhoff also enjoys outdoor activities including baseball, golfing and bike rides. 

With a remarkable career history, a dedication to providing value and a commitment to empowering others, Wemhoff is poised to make a lasting impact on the 21st Century Equipment team.  

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