Back-to-Back Harvest Requires Even Greater Attention to Equipment.

This year’s planting schedule is going to create a pretty hectic harvest schedule.  Many of you will be harvesting beans and then turning right around to go after the corn.  It may be tempting to cut corners or assume the best when it comes to your equipment, but it’s always a good idea to take a few minutes to ensure your equipment is truly ready to rock before you get into the field.

Please follow your combine’s operator manual when converting to fall crops.   This is also a great time to check chains and replace any chains that look suspect.

The service manual will tell you that rotor bearings should be attended to at the 500-hour mark.  But greasing them at 200 hours will go a long way toward reducing wear and reducing the chance of problems during the heat of harvest.

After all the work you put into your edible bean crop, you want to deliver a high quality product to the elevator and maximize your profits.   Sharp augers are a primary cause of high tare, which adversely affects bean quality.  If your combine will accept a slowdown kit, please check with our parts department for price and availability.

One more thing:  Don’t let the flurry of harvest activity allow you to neglect winterizing your sprayers.  Cold weather is not that far away, so check your antifreeze and freeze points on all motors.

We know you want to get the crop in when the time is right, but safety should be the top priority at all times.   Take a few minutes to make sure everyone is clear before starting up any harvesting unit.  Walk around the equipment to make sure the area is clear—and honk the horn a couple of times before kicking on the equipment.

All of us at 21st Century Equipment wish you all a safe and bountiful harvest.

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