How John Deere sprayers stack up against the competition

See the top competitive differences between the John Deere R4044 (model year 2019) vand the Case IH® 4440 (model year 2018):

  • Apply up to 75.7 L (20 gal.) more per acre at 24 km/h (15 mph):
    • Apply products with the ExactApply™ system that require a high amount of carrier, such as fungicides, without giving up speed and productivity. High-frequency pulsing, also called post width modulation (PWM), provides more consistent coverage throughout a wide speed and rate range.
  • Thicker steel booms:
    • Thicker, 3.2-cm (1.25-in.) steel on the boom adds durability versus the 2.5-cm (1-in.) thick steel on the Case IH boom.
    • The 6.35-mm (0.25-in.) thicker steel provides more durable booms, allowing operators to potentially stay in the field longer while reduced daily maintenance gives them the ability to get to the field faster.
  • Less potential downtime with integrated technology to support customers:
    • There is no time limit on Remote Display Access (RDA) use and mobile capabilities.
    • John Deere provides a fully integrated solution with one dealer network for support.
    • Complete technology solution has continued improvements being made for customers with mixed/old fleet equipment.
    • With competitive solutions, customers deal with multiple companies for data management, precision ag technology, implements, and machines.

Case IH is a trademark of CNH N.V. Industrial and its subsidiaries.

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