How to care for your lawn this season

It is just beginning to get a little brighter and warmer outside so spring is on the way! Getting your mower or tractor ready prior to spring clean-up is especially important. When it comes to your equipment, think about service early. It will save time and money—and make your experience with your machine less stressful. So, here’s my list of tips to help prepare for your upcoming projects:

  • Make sure the antifreeze is good to protect your engine during cold and hot weather.
  • If your radiator fins have leaves, dirt or other debris, clean them out with a brass brush or an air compressor. Do not use water!
  • Make sure your mower blades are free of nicks or dull edges.
  • Change your oil annually, even if you haven’t hit the hours recommended in the manual.
  • Fuel should be FRESH, not left over from last year. And I recommend adding a fuel additive to your gas or diesel supply.
  • Check for loose parts and safety switches/items. If you’re getting a low draw, take your battery in for testing—you may need a new one. Check hydraulic fluids to see if there are any leaks from sitting over the winter. I recommend attaching a battery optimum maintainer to maximize the life of your battery. And also, check your bags and any other parts for wear or damage (replace them, if necessary).
  • Check the spark plugs.
  • Have an extra set of blades on hand. Another item to pick up is a John Deere Home Maintenance Kit that includes oil, filters, spark plugs and more.
  • Purchase attachments for summer projects early on! With COVID-19, many manufacturers have had to shut down, which has caused backorders and long wait times. After a hard week of work, you don’t want to stroll into the dealership on a Saturday morning looking for an attachment that isn’t in stock and has a long wait time.

Doing this work ahead of the real work will make your project run smoothly and on time. And don’t forget, every 21st Century Equipment location is here to help with parts, testing, blade sharpening and more. Plus, ask about our great pricing on mower and tractor service for spring!

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