John Deere Reveals S7 Series Combines at 2024 Commodity Classic

John Deere Reveals S7 Series Combines at 2024 Commodity Classic
John Deere Reveals S7 Series Combines at 2024 Commodity Classic

At the forefront of innovation, John Deere has once again raised the bar with the introduction of its latest S7 Series combines, unveiled at the 2024 Commodity Classic. Designed to optimize efficiency, harvest quality, and operator comfort, these cutting-edge machines are set to revolutionize the harvest season for farmers and custom operators alike.

Key Features of the S7 Series:

1. Four New Models: The S7 Series boasts four new models, catering to varying operational sizes and needs. Ranging from the S7 600 with 333 horsepower to the S7 900 with 543 horsepower, farmers can select the perfect combine to suit their specific requirements.

– S7 600: 333 hp rated power, 367 hp max power
– S7 700: 402 hp rated power, 460 hp max power
– S7 800: 473 hp rated power, 540 hp max power
– S7 900: 543 hp rated power, 617 hp max power

2. Increased Efficiency: John Deere promises up to 20% more productivity while utilizing 10% less fuel compared to previous models. This remarkable improvement is attributed to new engines, enhanced residue handling, and grain handling systems.

3. Improved Grain Quality: Featuring a state-of-the-art loss-sensing system, the S7 Series delivers unparalleled accuracy, up to three times more precise than previous iterations. This advancement minimizes grain loss, ensuring farmers harvest the highest quality grain possible.

4. Operator Comfort: John Deere prioritizes operator comfort with the S7 Series, crafting one of the most ergonomic and comfortable combines to date. The redesigned operator station offers increased storage space, convenient cupholders, enhanced heating and cooling systems, and a supremely comfortable seat, enabling operators to remain focused and productive during long harvest days.

5. Automation Options: The S7 Series offers three automation packages tailored to enhance productivity and ease of operation:

– Ground Speed Automation maintains a consistent feed rate by automatically adjusting the combine’s ground speed based on operator inputs and predefined limits.
– Harvest Settings Automation expedites field entry by automatically configuring key settings based on combine model, crop type, and location.
– Predictive Ground Speed Automation adjusts ground speed based on pre-harvest crop measurements, ensuring optimal performance throughout the harvest process.

The John Deere S7 Series combines represent a significant leap forward from the S700 Series models. With their enhanced efficiency, improved grain quality, operator-centric design, and advanced automation options, these combines promise to make the harvest season more productive and profitable for farmers across the globe. As agriculture continues to evolve, John Deere remains steadfast in its commitment to providing innovative solutions that empower farmers to meet the challenges of tomorrow head-on.

The new S7 Series Combine will be available for order starting in June with delivery in late 2024. Contact your local 21st Century Equipment dealer to learn more. 

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