Lawn Mower vs. Compact Tractor

Lawn Mower vs. Compact Tractor

If you are a land-owning homeowner, you may be battling between upgrading to a compact tractor or sticking with your riding lawn mower. Both machines get the job done well when used in the right setting, but having the right tool for the job is key to avoiding rework and preventing wear and tear. Another factor to consider is the amount of versatility you want with your machine. Are you just looking to maintain your lawn, or do you have other operations taking place on your small farm or ranch where a multi-purpose machine could be useful?

When to go with a lawn mower

Riding lawnmowers are designed for smooth areas of lawn that are under six inches of cut. If you plan to cut anything over six inches with your mower, you will put additional wear and tear on your machine and you won’t get the clean cut you’re looking for.

It is typically recommended to opt for a riding lawnmower if your property is three acres or less.

If your lawn requires you to maneuver around obstacles, you should consider a zero-turn mower. A zero-turn mower is specially designed to execute runs with an effective radius of zero. This means you can turn after finishing a pass to line up perfectly for the next. These mowers have excellent maneuverability and provide the most precise cut.

When to upgrade to a compact tractor

If you are looking to mow pastures, rough ground or open fields, a compact tractor is your best option as lawnmowers simply are not designed to work that kind of land. You can easily attach a rotary cutter to the back to work across open field or pasture and you can get the same great lawn manicure as with a lawn mower with the addition of a mid-mount mower deck underneath.

Additionally, if you are looking for a multi-use machine to help manage your small farm or ranch, a compact tractor is the way to go. From moving dirt, gravel and snow to adding a front loader or cleaning stalls, a compact tractor will equip you to effectively manage your operation. Along with more available attachments and wider range of use, you will get excellent stability and maneuverability on uneven ground.

One of the major benefits of upgrading to a compact tractor is the ability to extend its use beyond mowing the lawn with the use of attachments. Whether you are a homeowner, in the landscaping business or managing a small farm, there are multiple attachments available for your use. From maintaining crops and livestock fences, to general property maintenance, there is an attachment for almost any situation.

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