Proactive preventive maintenance a key to taking control

Downtime in the field due to breakdowns, equipment failures or malfunctions can sure make you lose control of your time, your productivity—and your temper.  Our Priority Service Program (PSP) helps you keep your cool.

It’s not too late to get your equipment in for a complete PSP inspection.   With PSP, you get an incredibly thorough inspection of your equipment—whether it’s a planter, tractor, sprayer, baler or combine. The cost varies by item.  And qualifying PSP customers receive free trucking to our shop, as well as a full machine wash and detail before we bring your equipment back to your farm.

When you bring in your equipment under PSP, we do it all:  Dyno testing for horsepower.  A complete operational run-through.  Top-to-bottom inspection of all critical components. We even get analyses of fluid samples so see if a pending mechanical failure is indicated.  When we’re finished, you get a complete list of recommended repairs, prioritized by importance.  That gives you control over what you spend and when you spend it.

We also offer deferred payment with no interest on any repairs exceeding $1,000.  That helps control your cash flow, especially when you’re already investing dollars in seed, fertilizer and inputs at the beginning of the season.

What can you do in your own shop to take greater control over failures and breakdowns?  A simple check of your fluids and filters can go a long way toward preventing headaches when the heat is on during planting or harvesting.  21st Century Equipment has the oil, lubricants and DEF—and all the hoses, filters and parts you need to do your own basic service.

PSP from 21st Century Equipment and preventive maintenance you perform yourself:  Two ways you can control how your equipment operates the way it’s supposed to when it matters most.

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