Sugar Beet Spotlight: John Deere 8 Series & 9 Series

Sugar beets are one of the most common plants used to produce refined sugar. Nebraska alone is responsible for the production of 1.3 million tons of sugar beets each year.

John Deere 8 Series and 9 Series tractors are pivotal in taking this crop from farm to table.

Keep reading to learn what makes John Deere 8 Series and John Deere 9 Series tractors excellent choices for sugar beet planting and beyond.

John Deere 8 Series Highlights 

The John Deere 8 Series line includes:

  • The 8R, like the 8R 230
  • Two-track 8RT tractors, like the 8RT 370
  • Four-track 8RX models, like the 8RX 310

The 8 Series lineup is equipped with several features to help farmers be even more productive.

One such feature is the use of JDLink™ Connectivity in 8 Series tractors. JDLink™ allows users to stream field or machine data directly to their John Deere Operations Center account. When coupled with things like the StarFire™ 6000 Receiver, AutoTrac™ guidance and a Generation 4 CommandCenter™ display, users can further reduce overlap and maximize efficiency in the field.

These machines come equipped with your choice in lighting packages, including the option for 360 LED lighting around your 8 Series tractor and planter that can assist you with working well into the night.

The optional Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) allows growers to monitor and adjust tire pressure from within the cab of 8 Series wheeled tractors at the push of a button. Users can increase the tractor’s footprint by almost 25% with a simple click. When you’re ready to get back on the road, another press of a button will increase the tractor’s tire pressure accordingly.

Footprint can be increased by up to 39% with track models like the 8RX. A lower footprint means less opportunity for compaction and a higher likelihood of healthy soil. The 8RX also allows users to carry up to 1,000 gallons of fertilizer, thanks to ExactRate tractor tanks. This technology allows farmers to save time and cover more acres per day.

Horsepower has long been a driving force behind what makes the John Deere 8 Series so useful. 8R models range from 230 to 410 horsepower. 8RT and 8RX models range from 310 to 410 horsepower, making these machines ultra-powerful.

View the video below to see John Deere 8 Series tractors in action.

John Deere 9 Series Highlights 

John Deere’s 9 Series tractors include:

  • The 9R, like the 9R 540
  • The 9RX line, which includes the 9RX 490
  • 9RT models, like the John Deere 9RT 570

Connection to JDLink™, the StarFire™ 6000 Receiver and a Generation 4 CommandCenter™ display are standard with 9 Series tractors. This display comes loaded with features, like AutoTrac™ guidance. The integration of Precision Ag technology helps farmers ensure they are operating efficiently both in and out of the field.

Built with the John Deere PowerTech 13.6 liter engine, some machines in the 9 Series tractor lineup offer anywhere from 390 to 590hp. By offering up to 640hp, the 9R and 9RX models offer the highest horsepower available in the agriculture industry. Hydraulic intelligent power management enables 9 Series tractors with up to 50 more hp when rolling through extra-tough spots. John Deere is the only manufacturer to offer three options in tractors with the horsepower capability of the 9 Series line: wheeled, 2-track or 4-track models.

The John Deere 9 Series tractor cab was designed with the long days in the field in mind. Cab space, comfort and controls that are easy to operate make the 9 Series tractor a great place to spend hours at a time in the busy season. Optional LED lighting packages allow users to run their tractor into the late evening hours when weather permits. Additional optional features include massaging and/or heated seats to help keep users comfortable throughout the season.

Learn more about the 9 Series below.

Both the 8 Series and 9 Series lines of tractors work hard so the farmers 21st Century Equipment serves can work even harder. Our knowledgeable sales team is passionate about connecting customers to the right configuration for their particular farming operation. With over 25 years in the agriculture industry, our team of more than 350 covering 16 locations is always here to ensure you have the support you need to get the job done well. Contact the 21st Century Equipment location nearest you to learn more.

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