Thank A Farmer


If you have not figured it out yet, this edition of our Flyer is dedicated to saying “Thank You” to one of the most under-appreciated professions in our great country…our Farmers and Ranchers. You provide us the most vital necessity of all – FOOD!   Working long hours, often in harsh conditions, you provide us food, fiber and in recent years, fuel.

From the dawn of man, until only recently, food was something everyone fought and struggled for in order to survive.   Today, we have the luxury of jumping into our car or pick-up and driving to the local supermarket to get the day’s meal…often already prepared.  The ease and simplicity of grocery shopping means we often forget that someone tilled, planted, nurtured and harvested a crop so the rest of us didn’t have to.   What is really special about our Farmers and Ranchers, is they do this day-in and day-out because they love to….heaven knows it’s not because of the money!!  So, we often don’t say it enough…..THANK YOU!  Everyone at 21st Century Equipment is proud to be a partner with our valued farm and ranch customers.

It seems like winter has flown by and it won’t be long before we are back in the field. On the front cover of this Flyer, Howard Buffet’s book “40 Chances” was discussed. It is said that Planting is a combination of talent, art and science. Let us help you with the science part by providing you the best planting technology solutions we have available. That might be providing you genuine John Deere parts to tune your current planter up for another season of operation, or the best solution may be upgrading your older planter to one that has more planting technology already integrated into it. Regardless, it goes without saying that the better job you achieve in the seeding operation, the better your chances for a great crop at harvest.

We are really excited about the new Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program that has been introduced nationally by John Deere.  Locally, we have had lots of interest in this program coming out of the gate.  With the high cost of new equipment today, the CPO program allows you to purchase late-model used tractors, combines and sprayers that have been rigidly inspected and tested and only then, are issued comprehensive John Deere warranty for that “peace of mind” usually reserved for a new equipment purchase. We are continually growing our inventory of CPO units in order to have a broad selection of units, across all models, that are currently approved for CPO certification. Needless to say, the CPO program is a great way for you to upgrade to the latest technology at a fraction of the cost of new.

As the high school career for our graduating seniors winds down, we are still looking for candidates interested in a technical career in our Service Departments.   On Page 21 of this Flyer, our technical training program with Southeast Community College in Milford, NE, is highlighted. We also have a similar partnership with Garden City Community College in Garden City, KS.   If you know of a junior or senior in high school that is interested in an exciting and rewarding career opportunity with 21st Century Equipment, please get them connected with the Location Manager or Service Manager at your local dealership. For the most highly qualified candidates, we offer financial assistance as well as other incentives to participate in this training program.

Just as I started this letter out by thanking our local farmer and rancher customers, I want to conclude it by doing the same. On behalf of all the employees of 21st Century Equipment, we salute you and thank you for the under-appreciated job that you do every day…..feeding the world.  We are proud to help you and be a vital part of that endeavor.


Owen Palm


21st Century Equipment, LLC

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