The FarmCast Episode #4 – Revolutionizing Hay Farming With Steam

The FarmCast Episode #4 - Revolutionizing Hay Farming With Steam

Scott Osborne welcomes customer Dawson Chesnut from Chesnut Farms in Kersey, Colorado, to the FarmCast to discuss the benefits of using the Staheli West Steamer in hay production. This technology is designed to add moisture to hay during dry conditions, making it particularly valuable in arid regions like Northern Colorado. Last year, the Chesnuts used the steamer on approximately 80% of their hay. With the steamer, there’s no need to wait for dew, providing a larger window of opportunity for hay production and maximizing operational hours. Beyond its practical advantages, it also enhances the appearance of the hay. Dawson prefers running the steamer at night due to the UV and daytime heat factors. While baling in various temperatures and conditions may seem daunting initially, Dawson explains how the steamer becomes straightforward with experience. Additionally, he highlights the direct communication with Staheli West for support and discusses the potential for using the steamer with other crop types.

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