The FarmCast Episode #6 – Experts Guide Farmers On Their Technology Journey

Navigating Precision Ag

21st Century Equipment welcomes you on your Precision Ag Journey! In this episode, we delve into the world of precision agriculture, discussing its incredible impact on modern farming. From cutting-edge technologies like auto-path and see-and-spray to the evolution of equipment synchronization, we’re exploring it all. Join Mike Wemhoff and Isabel Drobny as they uncover the fascinating relationships between Precision Ag and farmers in our region. Discover how we, at 21st Century Equipment, stand with you throughout this exciting technology-driven agricultural journey.


About the FarmCast: Welcome to FarmCast, brought to you by 21st Century Equipment. Embark on a captivating journey with us as we dive deep into the world of agriculture’s cutting-edge innovations and customer experiences. Join us as we explore the very forefront of agricultural technology, shedding light on the latest advancements that are shaping the future of farming. 

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