Warning signs your tractor needs to be serviced

One of the advantages of regularly inspecting your equipment at home is that you can spot warning signs or potential issues earlier on. When it comes to your tractor, this is especially important—whether you use it every day or on occasion.

Not only can routine maintenance checks help extend the life of your tractor, but they can also ensure your tractor is ready to run when next season rolls around. So, here are some key checkpoints to remember when owning a John Deere utility or compact tractor.

If you notice extreme wear, cracks, leaks or loosened parts during your checks, it may be time to have a technician take a look at what’s going on before anything serious happens. This is especially true for mechanical failures, electrical issues and damage to any parts. The earlier you can fix them, the better for your tractor—and your wallet.

Don’t forget that it’s just as important to schedule an annual service at your local dealership as it is to maintain your equipment at home. Programs like our Winter Inspection Priority Service Program can help use slower winter months to prioritize any needed repairs or maintenance. That way, you can start the next season at full speed.

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