Winter Maintenance with 21st Century Equipment

Winter Service tips

When preparing for the winter months, it is essential to ensure your equipment has been properly taken care of. In doing so, your machine will have an extended life span, and you will be prepared in the hopes of an early spring!

With 21st Century Equipment, we guarantee your equipment will be well taken care of with premium service and a knowledgeable team. Your farm equipment is a major investment, and we know that just because your equipment is put away for some time, your plans for the next season are not. When it comes to winter maintenance, we believe the time spent in the off-season is valuable.

This winter, be sure not to neglect routine maintenance checks to make sure problems are caught early. Things like replacing lighting components, spark plugs, oil filters and the like are more readily done in the winter months when you have some (although not a lot of) down time.

While many ranchers are still running things like utility tractors or other John Deere machinery to care for cattle in the winter time, there are some pieces of equipment that may become idle in the off-season on some farms. Running your equipment regularly, even if only for a few minutes, during the winter can help avoid problems down the road. Allowing a machine’s parts to rise above 40 degrees fahrenheit before use is a wise practice.

Additional handy winter maintenance tips for your John Deere and other equipment include:

  1. Store your equipment in a covered environment, like a shop, whenever possible.
  2. Lubricate any moving parts, like hinges, to protect from damage that things like salt, snow and ice can bring.
  3. Remain aware of the temperature of your diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), as it can freeze.

Winter is also the perfect time to get your equipment on the 21st Century Equipment service team’s schedule. Our experts are here to assist you with any John Deere maintenance needs. Find your nearest 21st Century Equipment location here.

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