21st Century Equipment Hay Product Spotlight: 560M and 560R Round Balers

21st Century Equipment Hay Product Spotlight: 560M and 560R Round Balers

Don’t wait for this harvesting season to purchase your new round baler. The 21st Century Equipment team is available to assist you throughout the purchase journey, with a staff focused on providing you with a top-notch John Deere experience.

To find out more about each model before you invest, read below about specific features, specs & financing options.

560M Round Baler

The John Deere 560M round baler is built to make your job easier. With endless updated features, you can rest assured that you’ll complete any task with maximum efficiency and comfort. This new baler comes in a silage and standard model to fit your farming needs. John Deere has created nine previous versions prior to the 0 Series to guarantee their customers’ harvesting requirements are fulfilled.

The 560M round baler features a vertical forming chamber to maintain a consistent bale size. How does this work? Once hay has entered the forming chamber, a belt instantly turns in a vertical fashion to form a solid core. Once the core is secure, hay is fed in between the bale and lower gate roll to create tight layers as the bale turns.

With this method, hay retention is greater than ever before. Other features for the 560M round baler include a BaleTrak Pro-monitor controller and Exclusive DiamondTough triple-weave belts. To learn more about the 560M round baler, click here.

560M Mega Round Baler

If your harvesting season is looking larger than before, the John Deere 560M MegaWide HC round baler is for you. At 21st Century Equipment, this piece of equipment is offered in dry hay, silage and precutter models.

This model can produce up to 5 x 6 ft bales to get your job done right. The 560M MegaWide baler is equipped with a total of 256 teeth designed to grab massive bales.

Tackle your biggest season yet with the John Deere 560M MegaWide baler. This baler is designed to make your job easier, with features like an adjustable bale chamber, large capacity and efficient operation. With John Deere equipment at your fingertips, you have the power and convenience to make this season your most successful yet.

560R Premium Round Baler

The John Deere 560R premium round baler is now available for sale at 21st Century Equipment. This baler is exceptionally advanced, setting a new standard for hay and forage baling equipment. Perfect for harvesting dry hay, this baler offers advanced bale size indicator technology.

Get precise bale sizing every time with the ISOBUS monitor that displays an electronic image of your bale. This feature allows you to get it right every time. Other features include:

  • Exclusive DiamondTough triple-weave belts
  • Driven by DiamondChain for superior performance
  • Automatic Electric-Tie BaleTrak Pro Monitor 

Get the ultimate harvesting experience with the 560R premium round baler. 21st Century Equipment understands your farming needs and wants to make each season as efficient as possible. Learn how to get the most out of your John Deere products with equipment tips available here.

560R MegaWide Baler

Purchase the 560R MegaWide HC2 premium round baler for maximum results out in the field. Get more hay volume with the industry exclusive 5-inch precut bales for more bales per hour. Harvesting equipment from John Deere is designed to increase your productivity, making you more successful when it really matters.

Greasing your John Deere hay equipment is a breeze with the 0 Series grease banks. All daily greasing duties can be completed in one place. The 560R model features grease banks that can be serviced from the ground to make hard jobs easy.

Other features include: 

  • ISOBUS monitor 
  • Exclusive DiamondTough triple-weave belts
  • Driven by DiamondChain for superior performance

Make this harvesting season the best one yet with 560 series round baler for sale at 21st Century Equipment. Get the equipment you need with flexible payment options so you can get the job done and get back to work. Plus, you can rest assured your equipment is covered with our comprehensive warranty packages.

Learn more about equipment leasing, warranty packages, John Deere revolving plan accounts and more here. You can also benefit from our reliable customer service, offering 24/7 phone, online chat and email support.

You can count on 21st Century Equipment to handle the most difficult tasks. Get the most out of your harvest season with the John Deere 560 series round balers. Find your nearest 21st Century Equipment John Deere dealer location here to get started.

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