How can John Deere Precision Ag help you?

How can John Deere Precision Ag help you?

When prepping tractors and planters, don’t forget to fully utilize all the technology tools John Deere provides to make your farm as productive as it can be. John Deere offers the John Deere Operations Center to not only Deere customers, but to any farmer to manage their data free of charge. The web or mobile version of the Operations Center has four main areas to help keep data clean, organized and usable anytime, anywhere.


The first area of the Operations Center you should get organized is the setup area. This includes your client, farm and field lists. This area should only reflect one name for each field you farm. If it doesn’t and you have multiple names from operators over the years, we recommend getting them merged or deleted to prevent any confusion by not having a consistent naming structure. 

It’s also important to clean up and get rid of old guidance lines and boundaries that are no longer relevant. These result in wasted time searching on the displays for the correct guidance lines.


The second area in the Operations Center is the plan area. This is where we can set up exact products, rates and guidance lines to be used ahead of time, so when the operator gets to the field, they can spend more time doing the task rather than inputting things into the display.


With a properly equipped vehicle, users can monitor real-time work progress and see exactly what’s getting done within the third area of the Operations Center. This allows you to make necessary adjustments as things are happening. You don’t need the latest piece of equipment to get this done either. With a Gen 4 display and an MTG, we can make any piece of equipment stream real-time data to help your operation utilize cutting-edge technology.


The fourth area found in the Operations Center allows users to analyze all the data coming off the machines, implements and documentation layers. 

In the Machine Analyzer portion, you can see many things to help determine your true cost of operation, like total engine hours and total gallons of fuel used per operation or season, just to name a few. 

In the Field Analyzer portion, we can compare many different data layers over the course of the season to measure what is and is not making positive impacts on your farm.

Whether you’ve been using the Operations Center and Wireless Data Transfer for years or you’ve never heard of it and want to know more, reach out to your local 21st Century Equipment location. From there, we’ll get you in touch with one of our Precision Ag consultants to help position you for an easy and successful planting season.

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