Analyze Your John Deere Operations Center Data This Winter

Analyze Your John Deere Operations Center Data This Winter

The Precision Ag team is a group of individuals who specialize in all things related to John Deere Precision Agriculture technology and farming technology in general. This team is dedicated to assisting growers as they strive to put available data to work for their operation. Increasing efficiency and productivity is the ultimate goal for these professionals.

One pivotal piece of technology the Precision Ag team helps users leverage is the John Deere Operations Center.

“The John Deere Operations Center is your digital file for all your information about your farming operation,” said Precision Ag Development Manager Jared Wyatt.

Everything from guidance lines to yield data is housed here in one organized location. For users’ operating equipment for which the Operations Center is available, this technology is easily accessible at no additional charge, provided they have configured their John Deere Operations Center account.

Growers have the opportunity to utilize data found in the Operations Center to make more informed decisions for the year to come.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” said Casey Andrews, Precision Ag manager for the north region. The Operations Center helps you do just that.

Everything from the precise downforce applied at any given time to environmental factors at work throughout the year is collected here. By supplying the big picture, the John Deere Operations Center can help users make sense of the hundreds of decisions made over the course of the year, and more importantly, how those decisions ultimately affect a crop. From here, users can decide to continue with current methods or make any necessary changes for the following season.

In addition to the Precision Ag team, customers have the knowledge of 21st Century Equipment’s CTAC team at their disposal. CTAC stands for Customer Technical Assistance Center. This team is made up of individuals with years of dealership and mechanical experience. One major function of the CTAC team is the constant monitoring of JDLink alerts.

“We get alerts on any JDLink-enabled machines in our organization. This level of connection helps us be able to get a hold of customers to try to proactively prevent a big failure when issues do arise,” said Brent McArtor, CTAC specialist.

One such issue could be hiccups with displays or receivers, but never fear, 21st Century Equipment has a solution to address this as well. 

In conjunction with John Deere, the 21st Century Equipment parts department offers a parts Reman program specifically for technology. This program allows users to repair things like displays and receivers, which is especially critical during times when new inventory may be low. The efficient repair of such issues is key to helping growers minimize downtime.

“We do everything within our power as a dealership to keep the customer up and running,” said Wyatt.

Precision Ag assistance is available to customers in a variety of ways, whether users prefer to take advantage of the dedicated support of a NextCentury Productivity Package or on an hourly basis as needed. Growers can access both the Precision Ag and CTAC teams fully remotely, meaning that no matter where you are, when you have a question, 21st Century Equipment has you covered.

To connect with the Precision Ag team, contact the 21st Century Equipment location nearest you. You can also request a Precision Ag Technology handbook here. The CTAC team can be reached directly by calling 844-421-CTAC. Learn more at

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