Get More Bushels Per Acre with Hopper Throttle Corn™

Get More Bushels Per Acre with Hopper Throttle Corn™
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One of the ways we do this is by offering innovative products like Hopper Throttle Corn™. 

In this blog, we’ll touch on what this product has been designed to do and share results straight from one of our very own 21st Century Equipment customers.

What is Hopper Throttle Corn™? 

Hopper Throttle Corn™ is a planter box treatment specifically developed to increase atmospheric nitrogen availability. Its base is formed of an 80/20 talc and graphite combination. This provides lubricity and eliminates static electricity on planter parts.

Hopper Throttle Corn™ promotes root growth without the use of an extender. Treated seed is good for 90 days and the product itself has a shelf life of 2 years. It’s also equipped with freeze-thaw technology. Ultimately, this revolutionary product has been designed to enhance overall crop performance, helping your operation be more profitable. 

Proven Results 

In addition to the incredible results shared with our team by the folks at Hopper Throttle Corn™, we wanted to go the extra mile and conduct studies on this product for ourselves. One such study was completed with a 21st Century Equipment customer located in Holbrook, Nebraska in October of 2022. 

This customer incorporated Hopper Throttle Corn™ into their operation. The result was that they saw an astounding 7 bushel per acre yield increase on seed treated with Hopper Throttle Corn™ vs. without.

Below, you’ll find more information from this customer’s case study. The results truly speak for themselves!

Are you ready to see what Revline Hopper Throttle Corn™ can do for your operation? Contact the 21st Century Equipment John Deere dealership nearest you today to learn more, or purchase online here!

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