How To Connect and Disconnect a Quik-Park Loader on a John Deere 120R & 1025R Tractor

How To Connect and Disconnect a Quik-Park Loader on a John Deere 120R & 1025R Tractor

Follow along with Neil Motley as he shows us the features of the John Deere 120R Quik-Park Loader on the John Deere 1025R tractor. Whether you need to detach your loader to do some heavy cutting or for increased maneuverability, understanding how to easily attach and detach the loader is essential for maximizing the tractor’s utility. Neil also highlights the newly introduced single-point hydraulic connection for the 2023 model, significantly streamlining the disconnection and reconnection processes.

Detaching a Quik-Park Loader:

  1. Begin by ensuring the loader and tractor are positioned on a level surface to facilitate a smooth detachment process.
  2. Next, lift the latches on both sides of the tractor, allowing the tractor’s mechanisms to take over and facilitate the next steps effortlessly.
  3. Utilize the loader control lever by pulling it back, imitating the motion of raising the bucket. You will see the loader disengage and the stand pivots securely into place.
  4. Turn off the tractor and proceed to disconnect the hydraulics. The 120R comes equipped with the 2023 single-point hydraulic connection, easily operated with a safety latch and a large lever. Maneuver the hydraulics free and set them on top of the tractor. You are ready to get to work!

Attaching a Quik-Park Loader:

  1. To reattach the Quik-Park loader, guide the tractor back until the stand nearly touches the front axle.
  2. Power down the tractor and re-establish the single-point hydraulics connection.
  3. Line up the two points on the single-point hydraulics with the corresponding points on the bracket and snap them into place. Push the latch forward until the safety catch engages, affirming a solid connection.
  4. Once you’re back in the driver’s seat with the tractor running, gently push forward on the lever, enabling the loader to slide back into position. Be prepared to make slight adjustments by moving the tractor slightly forward or backward to ensure a precise alignment.
  5. As the loader drops securely into place, reach forward and firmly latch it to ensure a stable attachment. That’s it!

The single-point hydraulic connector on 120R loaders comes standard with the 2023 model, but if you’re working with an older loader, you can contact our parts department at 21st Century Equipment to get one installed. Feel free to visit your local 21st Century Equipment dealer to explore the options available for setting up a single-point connector on your loader!

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