Influencer Spotlight – Shelby Chesnut

Influencer Spotlight – Shelby Chesnut

Chesnut Farms Agrifilm

The Chesnut legacy in Kersey, Colorado extends beyond the farm. Shelby Chesnut, Dawson’s wife of five years, has built a successful agricultural photography and drone videography business. CF Agrifilm got its start when Shelby’s husband, Dawson, received a drone for his 21st birthday. This drone was giant, not even fitting inside a cab of a tractor, but it helped spark Shelby’s interest in photography. Eventually investing in smaller drone and a high-quality camera, Shelby’s passion for photography took off, and people began taking notice of her work. 

Corey Covelli, the salesman for Chesnut Farms, noticed that Shelby’s photos were more than just snapshots on the farm. He helped connect Shelby to the 21st Century Equipment marketing team, opening the door for a partnership. Shelby’s work has gained popularity due to her unique ability to capture dimension in her photos, which isn’t usually the case for stock photography. 

Shelby’s photography has been widely published in the Cultivating Colorado Magazine, Real Ag Stock, Staheli West productions, and more. She is also a four time winner of the Colorado Department of Ag Annual Photo Contest. 

“Dimension is something unique to my photos and I think that’s what makes my images valuable. It adds creativity and uniqueness to my work,” Shelby said.

Cultivated Coffee Co.

A testament to Shelby’s multifaceted creativity is the birth of another significant venture: Cultivated Coffee Co. This endeavor stands as Kersey’s first drive-thru coffee shop. The anticipated opening is in late November, with construction scheduled for completion by the end of October.

Cultivated Coffee Co.’s name resonates with its deep-rooted connection to agriculture. The coffee shop’s menu, ingeniously crafted, draws inspiration from the world of agriculture, featuring an array of specialty beverages such as the Haystack Latte, Farmer’s Delight Breve, Rancher’s Morning Latte, and more.

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