One Decision at a Time

To Our Valued Friends and Customers:

With harvest in full swing, I hope you are now reaping the rewards of a long season of hard work. So far, the weather has been great. Let’s hope the weather continues to cooperate, but a little rain for our just-seeded wheat crop would not hurt anyone’s feelings.

As you have surely noted elsewhere in this edition of our flyer, we have focused on just a few of the dozens of decisions you make every day in your farming operation. Some of these decisions are patently obvious…others are much more complicated. We are, by no means, saying that we have the answers to those more complicated decisions. What we are saying is that we have several tools that can help you make those decisions and hopefully, make better, more informed decisions.

For example: utilizing tools like our Field Connect™ soil moisture monitoring system will allow you to make more informed decisions about when to irrigate. Other tools, like yield maps or RTK elevation maps, allow you to make decisions ranging from next year’s hybrid selection to adjustments in plant population. Our role in the decision making process is NOT to make these decisions for you, but to ENABLE your John Deere equipment so that it provides you the information YOU need to make the best decision possible.

The convergence of GPS and machine telematics capabilities and huge advances in seed genetics, crop protection chemistries and analytical software has created a whole new “opportunity” for making well-informed decisions. This can also make decision-making much more complicated! Here, our Precision Ag Specialists are available to help you “un-complicate” the decision making process, to help you manage your data and to work collaboratively with your other trusted advisors to provide you the recommendations you are looking for to make the best decision possible.

This business of production agriculture is changing rapidly and the challenge to keep up with these rapidly evolving technologies is great. You need an equipment supplier and a technology partner that not only help you keep up, but helps you get ahead. Here at 21st Century Equipment, we are committed to doing just that.

As the holiday season approaches, on behalf of all the employees of 21st Century Equipment, I want to wish you a bountiful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas. And, as always, a sincere Thank You for your business in 2015.


Owen Palm


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