Rear Angle Blade vs. Box Blade

A commonly asked question is the difference between a rear angle blade and a box blade. Although there are some similarities between the two, there are a few key differences in design and use.

Starting with design, box blades are built in a box shape with the front side having scarifier teeth and the back side being a blade. The blade on the back is designed with a cutting edge on both sides, which allows the operator to move dirt and gravel both forward and backward.

A rear blade has a simpler design than a box blade. Instead of having the row of teeth on one side and a blade on the other, rear blades only have a blade. Rear blades can be more customizable than box blades with the ability to adjust the pitch and angle of the blade. This gives the operator more control over how much they are cutting into the ground and where they want to move the dirt.

Deciding between a rear blade and box blade comes down to the job you need it for. Box blades are useful for grading, leveling, breaking up compacted ground, backfilling and removing ruts in driveways.

With a box blade, the operator has the ability to break up hard ground and then smooth it over during a single pass. The scarifier teeth break up the hard ground and the blade goes over and smooths it out. A box blade also has a heavier blade than the rear blade, which allows you to cut more.

Like box blades, rear blades are also useful for grading. They are highly effective for making roads and driveways as well as for snow removal. Rear blades do very well for blading snow and moving light materials.

Rear blades may not have as much versatility or the ability to cut as much as box blades, but they are great for many consistent projects around your small farm or ranch and make a good addition to your property. Rear blades are a great option as they come in a variety of sizes to fit your tractor. Overall, a rear angle blade is better for softer, lighter materials.

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