What Mower Should You Add to Your Tractor?

What mower should you add to your tractor? This is a commonly asked question among compact tractor owners. Utilizing the right attachment is essential to getting your desired results for a specific job. When it comes to mowers, you have two main choices, a mid-mount mower deck or a rotary cutter.

Mid-Mount Mower Decks

Also known as belly decks, mid-mount mower decks are attached underneath the tractor. To attach the mower, you drive over the mower deck, and connect after the tractor is in the correct place.

Mid-Mount mower decks are great for lawns, landscape areas, grass and anything that is under six inches tall. They are available on 1-3 series tractors between 54 and 62 inches of cut. This attachment will give you a perfectly manicured lawn making it a great option for turf and landscapers.

Another benefit of the mower deck is its excellent maneuverability. Unlike a rotary cutter, there is nothing trailing behind the tractor. This helps you to maneuver around your property and turn while mowing much more efficiently.

Rotary Cutter

Your next choice is a rear mounted rotary cutter, commonly known as a bush hog and one of the most popular options. Rotary cutters have an enclosed deck and disc with hinges. These hinges create a disc mowing action like an upside-down helicopter. The rotary cutter can easily strike through obstacles, such as rocks, without damaging the blades.

Rotary cutters are not designed to perfectly manicure lawns but are great for fields that need a lot of maintenance. It is the best choice if you are looking to maintain roads, pathways or commercial farms. They are also great for pastures, fields and open areas as they will cut tall, heavy brush up to one inch in diameter. Rotary cutters are available from 48 to 84-inch cut.

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