See & Spray Ultimate by John Deere Precision Ag

The future of sprayer technology has arrived in the agriculture industry with See & Spray Ultimate by John Deere. 

The revolutionary sprayer technology will experience a limited release as it hits the market in the spring of 2022. 

So, what do you need to know about John Deere’s See & Spray Ultimate? 

The Goal of John Deere’s See & Spray Ultimate Technology

This sprayer technology is highly targeted; it helps growers reduce their non-residual herbicide use by more than two-thirds by target-spraying in-season weeds. By using less water and less chemicals, See & Spray Ultimate technology helps users be more efficient and increase productivity.

This level of precision also enables users to leverage more advanced tank mixes. With See & Spray Ultimate, farmers can move through fields at up to 12 miles per hour and the machine will still detect and spray weeds that are only a few millimeters tall.

How See & Spray Ultimate Technology Works

Much like See & Spray Select, which John Deere debuted in March 2021, See & Spray Ultimate utilizes a series of specialized cameras to detect weeds at their onset. By using computer vision and machine learning to target in-season weeds in corn, soybean, and cotton, farmers can apply only what is necessary. 

See & Spray Ultimate utilizes cameras, processors, a carbon-fiber truss-structure boom and a dual product tank. In addition to targeted application of non-residual herbicides on weeds in the crops listed above, See & Spray Ultimate is useful for traditional broadcast application. The machine’s dual tank configuration will even allow for targeted and residual broadcast spray methods combined, all in one pass. 

The use of John Deere’s ExactApply nozzle control technology helps reduce potential drift. BoomTrac Ultimate keeps the tip of the boom within 10 inches of the target boom height 95% of the time, a level of accuracy unavailable with other manufacturers.

What See & Spray Ultimate Technology Means for Farmers

Ultimately, this sprayer technology is one more way advancements from John Deere Precision Ag can help farmers reduce chemical use, saving both time and money. By providing growers with the reassurance of an ultra-precise application method, users can utilize more complex tank mixes. In addition to applying chemical more efficiently, this advancement in sprayer tech will also improve farmers’ ability to manage herbicide-resistant weeds.

Check out this video to hear from a group of farmers regarding their initial reaction to the latest in John Deere’s sprayer technology.

Created exclusively for select John Deere 400 and 600 sprayers, See & Spray Ultimate is just one example of how John Deere Precision Ag helps farmers work more efficiently. 21st Century Equipment is proud to equip our customers with the best Precision Ag options for their farming operations. Check out this blog to learn more, or contact your local 21st Century Equipment dealer today.

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