What is Precision Ag & how can it help my farming operation?

4. We equip you with Precision Ag and other John Deere techn

At 21st Century Equipment, we’re committed to empowering our growers so they can optimize the use of their John Deere equipment.

That’s why we’re proud to offer farmers access to Precision Agriculture (Precision Ag) technology resources so you can make the most of your John Deere technology.

So, what exactly is John Deere Precision Ag? 

Access to Precision Agriculture technology allows farmers greater insight into data associated with farming operations than ever before. Knowledge is power. Leveraging the tools provided by Precision Ag enables users to find success by optimally operating their John Deere technology.

The team at 21st Century Equipment offers this service so we can more completely learn your unique farming operation. What’s already going really well? Where are you facing challenges? We want to know it all. Gaining insight into what makes your farming operation unique helps guide our recommendations for how to make the most of your John Deere technology.

Whether you’re plantingharvesting or anything in between, utilizing data-driven results matters for your bottom line. With Precision Ag and John Deere technology, you can do just that.

There’s more to your fields than soil. Keep reading to discover 4 key ways Precision Ag and 21st Century Equipment can help you unearth the data your farm’s been hiding. 

1. We provide John Deere technology solutions.

At 21st Century Equipment, we’re solutions-minded in all aspects. This mindset extends into our Precision Ag service line by offering farmers John Deere technology solutions. These include:

      • Data management & sharing: From hardware installation to data management in your John Deere Operations Center, our team is here to ensure you have a smooth Precision Ag experience. Rely on us for guidance regarding machine & implement calibration, accurate setup and display of your John Deere Operations Center and making sure you’re correctly set up to collect/receive data on your crops, yields and more.
      • Agronomic decision support (ADS): Look to the experts at 21st Century Equipment to ensure you’re not only collecting the data you need from your John Deere technology but analyzing it properly to ensure optimal outcomes. Ask us about ancillary variable rate application planning, electrical conductivity (EC) soil survey collection and more.
      • Remote monitoring & optimization: Utilize John Deere technology to watch over your farming operation from anywhere. JDLink™ and the John Deere Operations Center can help you check equipment and manage logistics from afar. To take things a step further, our Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) is available to those with a NextCentury Productivity Package (more on this to come).
      • John Deere technology products & packages: Ask about our vast array of John Deere displays, receivers and hardware to best equip your John Deere products with Precision Ag technology. We can also help you select the right productivity package for you; see below.
2. We can help you build a productivity package. 

We’re proud to offer four NextCentury Productivity Packages to help you leverage John Deere tech to maximize your results. Whether your farm needs one of these solutions or all four, we’re here to help customize these packages to fit your operation.

      • Uptime Package – Maximize the performance of your John Deere equipment.
      • Equipment Optimization Package – Increase field utilization and agronomic impact.
      • Hardware & Software Package – Manage your data with John Deere technology hardware and software/firmware updates or maintenance.
      • Advanced Data Management Package – Access advanced data management, analysis and consultation services for both agronomics & equipment support.
3. We offer exceptional John Deere equipment.

Without the equipment to back it up, all this talk about data collection and analysis is just that: talk. 21st Century Equipment is proud to provide the power of John Deere technology to help your farm perform at its highest potential. From displays and active implement guidance to in-field data sharingAutoPath™ technology and more, we have the John Deere tech solution that’s right for you.

4. We equip you with Precision Ag and other John Deere technology resources. 

Access to a wealth of John Deere technology means there’s a lot to learn. Never fear, the 21st Century Equipment team is here to support your growing operation in many ways, including by providing access to helpful John Deere tech resources.

Stay up to date with advancements in Precision Ag with our Integrated Solutions Group (ISG) team on your side. Reference your Precision Ag technology handbook to dive even deeper into the John Deere solutions at your disposal. Check out a variety of helpful tools and links provided by John Deere, conveniently housed together on our Precision Ag technology resources page.

From farmers leveraging the power of Precision Ag and John Deere technology to those with commercial or residential needs, our team is passionate about ensuring you get the most out of your John Deere products. Visit or contact the 21st Century Equipment location nearest you to learn more.

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