The FarmCast Episode #2 – New Technology

The FarmCast Episode #2 - New Technology

In this episode, the conversation kicks off with the groundbreaking advancements of See & Spray Ultimate. This technology has quickly captured the attention of agricultural communities in Eastern Colorado, Western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming. Scott and Mike highlight the success that See & Spray Ultimate has achieved, not only in reshaping spraying practices but also in optimizing input cost savings. Its precision and efficiency have set it apart from traditional methods.

The conversation shifts to AutoTrac Turn Automation. Scott and Mike underline the significance of this technology as a steppingstone toward full autonomy. They discuss how farmers are embracing this automation, growing from initial skepticism to full trust in the technology’s reliability and precision. They further explore the potential of this automation extending to other machinery, envisioning a future where the application of automation becomes more widespread.

As the discussion unfolds, Scott and Mike delve into ExactShot technology—an innovation that has the potential to revolutionize planting practices. This technology introduces a new level of precision by applying treatments directly to seeds during planting, leading to significant savings in input costs. Similar to See & Spray Ultimate, Scott and Mike believe that ExactShot is poised to become a standard practice, offering not only efficiency gains but also a more sustainable approach to planting.

In the closing segments of the episode, Scott and Mike offer a glimpse into the future of precision agriculture. They anticipate the release of G5 displays, the StarFire 7000 GPS system and AutoPath, all of which promise to push the boundaries of precision even further.

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