The FarmCast Episode #3 – Why John Deere?

The FarmCast Episode #3 - Why John Deere?

n their conversation, Mike Wemhoff and Isabel Drobny delve into the core question, “Why John Deere?” They emphasize John Deere’s unique position as one of the last standing American companies of its kind and its pioneering role in embracing technology for modern farming. Emphasizing the vital role of technology in overcoming challenges such as population growth, decreasing farmable land, and labor shortages, Mike and Isabel highlight how John Deere excels in leveraging integrated technology to ensure reliability and predictability in the ever-changing agricultural landscape. Decreasing reliance on human eyes and utilizing technology for precision farming can maximize space on fields and increase efficiency. The conversation also touches on emerging technologies like See & Spray Ultimate, ExactShot, and AutoTrac Turn Automation, expressing their confidence in John Deere’s ongoing contributions to advancing agricultural technology while staying true to its American heritage.

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